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Recording/Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lesson with Stuie / Swingin' Door Productions


Stuie is available for one on one guitar lessons.  Times are flexible and rates are $80 per hour.

He is based in Sutherland Shire, Sydney - contact OR 0417 430 678 for more information.


“ If you’re a guitar player and want to advance rapidly, do yourself a favour and get a lesson from Stuie. I learnt so much in just my first lesson, simple ideas and shortcuts that would have taken years to discover on my own. Don’t let his reputation frighten you, he is extremely humble and his guitar skill is enormous and tailors things at whatever level you’re at . I should have done this 10 years ago. We did it over Skype with no problems, but wear headphones in case you get feedback “


Bill Dunn


0481 004477


Swingin' Door Productions offers the best of analogue and digital recording with two live room and a large control room.  The studio is a combination of the best of old school analogue gear combined with great converters and logic pro recording software.  

The studio has easy parking and is in a relaxed location, is close to Sydney airport and accommodation.

One of the great advantages Stuie offers apart from his own engineering, production and guitar expertise, he has a great choice of some of the best musicians in Australia who live close by.  Guys like Michel Rose (pedal steel guitar/dobro/mandolin), Mick Albeck (fiddle), Ian Lees/Chris Haigh/James Gillard/Dave Ellis/Geoff Simpson (bass), Glenn Wilson/Brad Bergen/Mitch Farmer/Doug Gallacher/Ben Elliott (drums), Bill Risby/Don Hopkins/Lachlan Doley (keys), Camille Te Nahu/Mark Punch/James Gillard (backing vocals).  

Artists who have recorded at Swingin' Door Productions include:  Clelia Adams, Jeff Brown, Dean Perrett, Adam James, The Feral Swing Katz, Anne Kirkpatrick, Redd Volkaert, Troy Cassar-Daley, Camille Te Nahu and John O'Dea.  

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